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Version: 0.17.x


Quick Try

If you'd like to quickly try EveBox without installing, first download and unzip one of the standalone binaries:

Then run EveBox directly against an eve.json file from Suricata:

./evebox oneshot /path/to/eve.json

If a browser doesn't load, open http://localhost:5636 in your browser. This is called oneshot mode where a single eve.json file is loaded for inspection into an in-memory database which is destroyed when you close EveBox.

EveBox Deployment Options

EveBox can be used in multiple ways:

Existing Elasticsearch Stack

As part of an Elasticsearch stack. If you already have ELK setup with Logstash or Filebeat processing Suricata events, the EveBox Server can be pointed at your existing Elasticsearch server.


The EveBox Server can use an embedded SQLite database and process Suricata events on its own for a small and simple deployment where EveBox and Suricata are running on the same host (Elasticsearch could also be used as the datastore in this scenario).

Server and Agent

The EveBox Server can be configured to use Elasticsearch or SQLite as the datastore and one or more EveBox Agents can forward Suricata events to the EveBox Server.


SQLite is good for demo purposes or single sensor monitoring with a retention period up to 7 days, but is not ideal for longer data retention or larger event load.