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Version: 0.17.x

RPMs Fedora, AlmaLinux, EL, etc

Stable Release Repository

rpm -Uvh
yum install evebox

Development Build Repository


These packages are built directly from the main git branch and break at times. They may also introduce databases changes that break in the case of using an SQL backend.

rpm -Uvh
yum install evebox

Starting and Stopping

The EveBox RPM is configured to start and stop the EveBox Server with systemd.

Starting the EveBox Server

systemctl start evebox

Stoping the EveBox Server

systemctl stop evebox

Starting the EveBox Server on Boot

systemctl enable evebox

Other Notes

  • Configuration file: /etc/evebox/evebox.yaml
  • Data directory: /var/lib/evebox
  • When started from systemd, the EveBox server will run as the user evebox which has write access to /var/lib/evebox.